Tesla Powerwall. The ultimate solution of your home power !!!!!


Tesla has discover a new home battery called Powerwall.  Its the new umbrella of Tesla Energy, Powerwall is designed to allow users to be able to be more self-sufficient when it comes to their home energy. So it will be big question to us that Is this new technology the way of the future?

In reality, the Powerwall  will mainly allow those  who already quite self-sufficient. And when Powerwall comes to power to be even more self-sufficient. The Powerwall essentially allows users with solar panels and/or wind turbines to be able to save up their power for when they need it. 

For example, those with solar panels can charge the battery to be used at night. This is great for these people and should drastically cut down on how much energy they need from main power grids.

Not only that, but it's also important to count that the Powerwall gives users a DC current. In order to power household items, which run on an AC current, users will need to buy a power converter.

So waiting for new technology. 

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