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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Easily Link a Website to Posts Automatically in your Facebook Status Updates

If you have a website and you want to add the newest website posts to your Facebook profile, you can save your valuable time by using automatically Networked Blogs app. For using this app, your website needs an RSS feed. You can  use this NetworkedBlogs for any website with an RSS feed, 

Lets do it by doing just 6 Steps

Step 1
First Log in to Facebook. Then Type “networkedblogs” into the facebook search bar, then click the “NetworkedBlogs" application. Please agree after Review the terms of service for the app.
Step 2

Then click  the “Register a Blog” in the top right corner. Enter your Web address. After then Click “Next.” NetworkedBlogs. It will search your website home page for the RSS feed.
Step 3
 So enter the name in the “Blog Name” field. Select the language of blog . Add categories for your website in the three "Topics" fields. Insert some description of your web site in the "Description" .
Step 4
Click “Next," to verify that you are the author of your website. Then add a wiget in your blogspot site to verify. 
Step 5
Then click on the “Syndication” button from top right of the page. Click on “Grant Permissions” to allow the service to post on your Facebook Wall. So a pop-up window opens. Read the permissions and granting NetworkedBlogs, Then click “Allow.”
Step 6
Its the final step. Please Click on the “Select a Blog” menu and select your website from the drop-down list. A preview will be displayed showing what updates will look in your website.

Yes you are complete your work. After then, when you add a new post to your website, it will automatically post to your Facebook Wall as a status update.

Happy Blogging and happy automatically posting. 

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