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Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to Make a website with your Gmail account, Just using 5 minute (Full Instruction)

I have a website name . I made this website by just using my Gmail account. Although most of us cannot know about the power of a  Gmail account. Now i give you a full instruction about how can you make a website by using your Gmail account in Just using 5 minute. First Sign In your Gmail account from your computer.
Then type in your browser address bar.

After entering this address , your browser open a new window like this below

Then click on the New Blog then open new window like below.

Then give your Blog title and Blog address. Remember there have so many blogspot site in the web. so you must be select an unique address for your website. Because you use a free website domain, so you must be use in your blog address such as .

When got a perfect address then the tick sign is OK. Here i name the website is My blog. And the address is .
Then your blog is ready for publish. then click on the Create Blog like below

Yes Yes Yes. Your website is ready for publishing content. After clicking on create blog you go to a window like below

Now click on Your newly created website. and start posting....

After then click on new post. Then open a new window like below

Give your post title and post body. Then click on publish. Now your website is ready for publishing. Just click on the View blog and see the miracle.

Yes this is your newly created website. 
This tutorial is for very beginner. Stay connected with me. I will give you full instruction about how to make a professional website by using Gmail Account.

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