Oppo R7 Plus is Coming!!!!!! With fingerprint sensor..................

The upcoming Oppo R7 has been leaked and even teased by the Chinese company a lot lately. However, we've only once heard a mention of the Oppo R7 Plus. a bigger device that may be launched alongside the R7 on May 20.
So as the R7 took the spotlight all for itself, the R7 Plus has pretty much remained a mystery. Until now, that is. The leaked pictures you can see below seem to depict the R7 Plus, first in render form (and not a very good one at that), but then also in a hands-on that appears to be from a TV commercial.
In the second image, on the left we clearly have the R7, while on the right is the R7 Plus. And, as you can see, the bigger model will sport a fingerprint sensor on its back, underneath the camera.
The R7 Plus render, bad as it may be, apparently implies we might see 2.5D curved glass on this handset as well as the R7. It also looks like it sports a metallic construction.


Unfortunately no specs for the R7 Plus have been outed, but they will hopefully be leaked before the unveiling event later this month.


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